As we head into our third year here at The Little Space we have been on a low key hunt for some time for our latest venue and there’s just a mysterious ‘zing’ we get when we know we have found the right space.   Only a few weeks ago, we found that space.  We will be opening the doors on our new venue at 54 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction as an adjunct to our current premises at 384 Oxford Street.

Our environment is a powerful influence on mood and attitude.  If a corporate team needs to have a day of thinking and planning, then we want our space to facilitate a creative and positive approach to the day.  The point of an ‘away day’ is to move away of the usual environment and daily work schedule to think creatively about your business.  For other forms of training learning, or even creative workshops, we love it when our customers walk in and say ‘wow’!   We think that’s the best way to start any day.

And of course, we need our space to work hard so beyond corporate training and workshops, we have a dedicated meeting or consulting space for up to 4 people.  This space is completely private and ideal for coaches, psychologists and other professionals needing a meeting space available on an affordable hourly basis.

So contact us and come on by to check our our new workshop and training space “Havana” (yes you guessed it, there’s a little touch of Cuban nostalgia happening) and The Green Room, our dedicated meeting and consulting space.

Now we have some cushions to sew before the doors open. See you soon!

Liz & Rachelle

The Little Space

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