Writers Room at The Little Space Bondi Junction

The Writers Room, The Little Space, 54 Bronte Road Bondi Junction

Announcing our Writers Room – Bondi Junction

Quiet work space for writers, journalists, consultants and thinkers.

Whilst co-working spaces have now sprung up across the Sydney area,  there is still a real need for quiet workspaces.  Writers, journalists, freelancers, consultants, and those just needing some space to think without interruption are all welcome at our Writer’s Room at our Bronte Road venue in Bondi Junction.   This is a new venture to make the most of our event spaces when they are not otherwise booked.

You can book directly online here https://thelittlespacedesks.skedda.com/booking

For quiet space book any of the 3 spaces available for Writers Room. This space is located at 4/54 Bronte Road Bondi Junction.

If you need to make calls you can book our desks at our Oxford Street venue.  (3/384 Oxford Street Bondi Junction)

So there is desk space for everyone!

All our spaces have wifi, air con, a kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities, a fridge if you like to bring your lunch, an onsite bathroom and lots of cafes just a hop, skip and a jump away. There’s even printing facilities if you need!

Like everything else about The Little Space, our approach has been to first see what our customers want and then create a space to fill that need. It has how we have grown very organically over the past 6 years from a small co-working area, we now have 5 spaces across 2 locations here in the Eastern Suburbs from desk space, meeting space to private consulting room space.

Keep an eye out week to week.  And if it’s booked out, spaces may open up as we do reserve first for meetings and then open up at the beginning of each week.

You can also email us at hello@thelittlespace.com.au for more information.

We hope to see you soon at The Writers Room in Bondi Junction.

Would you like a tour of the space?  Head to our Youtube channel to view all our spaces.  It’s the next best thing to a live tour!

The Little Space spaces – video tours!


Operating a small business, either working solo or in a small team, means you wear multiple hats.

Few small businesses have the luxury of a marketing department or a communications specialist.

Here are our 5 top tips for streamlining your small business and supporting your business (and cutting down your admin time).

  1. Get your bookkeeper on the phone. And yes we mean the app!  Tax time can loom like a dark cloud when you scramble to find and update expenses, chase debts, and wish you had been a little more organised.  “I’ll be more organised next year…” All accounting platforms now offer phone apps so you can scan and save your receipts and upload expenses on the go.  I make a habit of a daily bank reconciliation so  I know what is owed and how the budget is going.  Cash flow and debtor recoveries inevitably benefit from daily check ins.  Your quarterly interactions with your (real life) bookkeeper will become a breeze!
  2. Automate your social posts. If you are short on time or don’t have a marketing specialist or copywriter in your business, then make life easy for yourself.   Use a social sharing platform like Hootsuite.   Posts can be pre-scheduled, automatically posted and engagements tracked so you can see where your clients are hanging out.    So you can post a short weekly blog post to your website and then share automatically with Hootsuite.  And don’t forget to repurpose your content.  Make your email into a blog and then into a social post.  Make every minute you spend count!
  3. Clear your inbox by using a team management platform. There are loads of these platforms  on the market.  My most recent experience is with Basecamp.  All team communications occur within the platform so there is no more searching and sorting through your inbox to find that document you need to mark up.   Create projects, assign tasks and chat casually.  But turn off the inbox notifications and just check in over the course of the day! The idea is to free up the inbox, not to fill it up with pings from your team conversations.
  4. Get a VA or and EA even if you can’t afford it, because actually you can! Your job is to grow your business.  Keep a work diary and see how much of your day could be delegated to an assistant.  It may take a little while to find the right fit but it’s worth persisting.  Make your time count and hand the admin to someone who is better qualified to do it.  And if your budged doesn’t extend to someone full time, just engage someone by the hour. Even 3 hours of week will transform your week.
  5. Check your screen time. Cut the distractions in your day and do a little digital detoxing.  As I write this I am in a café on the way to the office.  There is no wifi and my phone is switched off because frankly, if my phone pings, I can’t help myself and I know I will pick it up.  Download a screen time app or use the one already on your phone.  You will be horrified by what you see.  There are hours in the day to be reclaimed.

To make it a little easier to have a ‘tour’ of the wonderful spaces available at The Little Space, we have created a casual video series.  It’s the tour from your sofa!

So if you are looking for a private consulting space to see your clients, check out The Little Consulting Room at The Little Space.

Features included:-

  • 24/7 secure coded entry
  • online booking
  • $25 per hour plus GST
  • access to onsite bathroom / kitchen facilities / tea and coffee
  • contact us about out ‘on the day’ no fee cancellation policy created specifically for this space (so when your client cancels on you, you don’t lose out).

You can book it directly HERE

For a video tour of The Little Consulting Room, click HERE.

The Little Space has a space for everyone.  To help you have a look around, to find the space that suits, we made a little video.

It only takes a moment, so check it out!

The Little Space is designed to make life EASY for our customers and we saw a need to create a ‘by the hour’ space for coaches, counsellors, psychologists and those just needing a private, lounge style space.

The Little Consulting room is just that space.

$25 per hour plus GST and you can book directly online anytime so no need to wait for venue confirmation as booking is instant.

To build in some flexibility for all those appointment changes that are part of life as a coach, we make our invoices due on the date of the appointment so if it doesn’t proceed, you won’t be charged.

Access is available 24/7 with coded entry for easy access.

Contact us today on 0414 546 383 for find out more.

Or find our more here : – The Little Consulting Room at The Little Space

How do you market your business in this fabulously democratic digital age?  There is so much you can do with a zero (or almost zero) marketing budget.

Here are our top tips for our co-working and meeting space


  1. Start with a website audit.  Make some changes, check your readability score and your keywords, update your Terms and Conditions, change your photos, add a blog.  If your site is dynamic and optimised (you might need a little expert help for that bit) then you are more likely to rank highly in online searches.
  2. Get blogging.  Carve out some time to create some genuinely shareable content.  Choose engaging images and do some research.  Make that content relevant to your target customers.  And if you don’t have time or just can’t write with confidence, the gig economy is your next best friend. And really make that content work for you, on your site, on your Facebook page, LinkedIN profile and every other social media site you are already on.
  3. In our world of co-working and event and meeting space hire, aggregator sites are springing up like mushrooms after a heavy Autumn rain.  Most of these sites are free to list and take a small percentage on booking.  Check out your industry and see where you can get a boost from listings.
  4. Google My Business is an easy win for some free digital marketing.  Google loves google so get your business name and address listed and then post, post, post.  Even your guests can post their own photos on your site. Add videos and with a little creativity you can create ad style content using apps such as Animoto to bring a series of photos to digital life.
  5. Be a generous friend to others.  You are surrounded by other businesses from your local coffee joint to your own clients.  Share their stories and be part of a digital community.  It’s just like referring your friend to your trusted GP.  Help spread the word and others will no doubt reciprocate.  (And even if they don’t, you’ll feel pretty good anyway).

So mark out some time in your diary this week and get creative!

The Little Space

Bondi Junction

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“Put the key of despair into the lock of apathy. Turn the knob of mediocrity slowly and open the gates of despondence.  Welcome to a day in the average office”.

 David Brent “THE OFFICE”

When I was a kid, my dad would head out the door each morning saying “well, I’m off to the salt mine” then off he went in the 1968 Holden to “the office”- a hallowed location featuring an exposed brick mezzanine, a vast smoke veiled typing pool, the thunderous noise of clacking typewriters and a CafeBar coffee machine which dispensed instant coffee (or hot chocolate for us kids) and hot water. Gosh – so modern! I was enthralled but of course it was a male dominated world where the partners sat “upstairs” and women copied and processed words and numbers, wrote them out in short hand, typed them, sent them off and then did the same in reverse for 8 hours a day.  Soul destroying.

A lot has changed for women in the time it has taken me to grow up, finish my education and have my own “office” career.  Women are now sitting “upstairs” in greater number and many are walking away of the traditional office to make their own way in business.

One of the reasons we established The Little Space was to give solo business women all the positive aspects of “the Office” – (not the bad bits thanks David Brent!) without the hassle and expense associated with setting up a traditional office…the friendly faces when you walk in each morning,  the camaraderie of Friday drinks, someone’s funny stories or someone just saying ‘hey lady, you’re awesome’.

Working from home is good sometimes but not every day.  Business meetings in cafes are great if you need a neutral place to break the ice with a potential new customer but if there are serious or confidential issues to discuss this is not an option.  And setting up and running an office is expensive – there are service costs, insurance, cleaning, landlord negotiations.  All these drain your energy from the focus of your business.

(the work from home conundrum:-clear the inbox or unstack the dishwasher?)

Our design focus for The Little Space was to make a small office environment with a boutique funky edge – we didn’t want to work in a serviced office and we didn’t want to create that sterile temporary feeling.  We certainly didn’t want a traditional cavernous co-working space. We wanted somewhere where we felt we belonged and when we hold a meeting or event we want our guests to feel good.

But the design and the environment is just the beginning – this space is yours to play with.

Turn the space upside down, move it around, display your art, your clothing line, run a class, teach us to meditate, change our mindset, ramp up our business skills, teach a new craft or to speak Japanese or Spanish.  Team up and benefit from each other’s networks – collaborate and have a laugh in the process.   We can’t wait to see what you come up with and as we start to plan our own events for 2015, we would love to have a conversation with you about what you would like to learn and see at the Little Space.  Leave a comment – tell us what you want and we will get to work!

And we also have a fancy coffee machine!

See you soon.