How do you market your business in this fabulously democratic digital age?  There is so much you can do with a zero (or almost zero) marketing budget.

Here are our top tips for our co-working and meeting space

  1. Start with a website audit.  Make some changes, check your readability score and your keywords, update your Terms and Conditions, change your photos, add a blog.  If your site is dynamic and optimised (you might need a little expert help for that bit) then you are more likely to rank highly in online searches.
  2. Get blogging.  Carve out some time to create some genuinely shareable content.  Choose engaging images and do some research.  Make that content relevant to your target customers.  And if you don’t have time or just can’t write with confidence, the gig economy is your next best friend. And really make that content work for you, on your site, on your Facebook page, LinkedIN profile and every other social media site you are already on.
  3. In our world of co-working and event and meeting space hire, aggregator sites are springing up like mushrooms after a heavy Autumn rain.  Most of these sites are free to list and take a small percentage on booking.  Check out your industry and see where you can get a boost from listings.
  4. Google My Business is an easy win for some free digital marketing.  Google loves google so get your business name and address listed and then post, post, post.  Even your guests can post their own photos on your site. Add videos and with a little creativity you can create ad style content using apps such as Animoto to bring a series of photos to digital life.
  5. Be a generous friend to others.  You are surrounded by other businesses from your local coffee joint to your own clients.  Share their stories and be part of a digital community.  It’s just like referring your friend to your trusted GP.  Help spread the word and others will no doubt reciprocate.  (And even if they don’t, you’ll feel pretty good anyway).

So mark out some time in your diary this week and get creative!

The Little Space

Bondi Junction

meeting space | event space | desk space| consulting space

The Little Space is keen to support charitable organisations and not for profits.

Most organisations need somewhere to meet, that doesn’t cost too much and is convenient and accessible. And if you want the most out of your meeting, you will also need a lovely environment so your participants are relaxed and comfortable and feel valued. That’s what we are all about at The Little Space.

We have been supporting organisations for some time by offering a discounted rate and we thought it was time to formalise the arrangement. So our Havana space located at 4/54 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction is now available at a 50% discounted rate to all charitable and NFP organisations.

So what is Havana?  Just like our other spaces, Havana can be adapted to meet the needs of your event.  Class room style, collaborative style or just open space to move, rehearse, sing or learn.  With all the infrastructure you need including WiFi, TV, white board and a private environment.  Plus we provide the tea!

So how does it work?

We are always happy to make your booking for you, or meet you to show you the space and answer your queries so don’t hesitate to get in touch (best way is via email on but if you like to just get on and get it done then here’s how:-

  1.  Go to our booking page at
  2. If you haven’t used our booking system before, register your details.
  3. Click the times you want under the header “Havana” and complete your booking.
  4. Let us know you are NFP or a charity in the notes so we can apply the discount.
  5. We will receive a notification and then will be in touch to confirm your booking in writing and send you an invoice plus give you all the information you need to access and use the space.

And don’t forget we are always on hand to help  you if you ever need – good service is SO important to our business.

We hope to see you soon at The Little Space!


HAVANA @ The Little Space :-

$30 per hour plus GST for NFP or Charitable organisations