Writers Room at The Little Space Bondi Junction

The Writers Room, The Little Space, 54 Bronte Road Bondi Junction

Announcing our Writers Room – Bondi Junction

Quiet work space for writers, journalists, consultants and thinkers.

Whilst co-working spaces have now sprung up across the Sydney area,  there is still a real need for quiet workspaces.  Writers, journalists, freelancers, consultants, and those just needing some space to think without interruption are all welcome at our Writer’s Room at our Bronte Road venue in Bondi Junction.   This is a new venture to make the most of our event spaces when they are not otherwise booked.

You can book directly online here https://thelittlespacedesks.skedda.com/booking

For quiet space book any of the 3 spaces available for Writers Room. This space is located at 4/54 Bronte Road Bondi Junction.

If you need to make calls you can book our desks at our Oxford Street venue.  (3/384 Oxford Street Bondi Junction)

So there is desk space for everyone!

All our spaces have wifi, air con, a kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities, a fridge if you like to bring your lunch, an onsite bathroom and lots of cafes just a hop, skip and a jump away. There’s even printing facilities if you need!

Like everything else about The Little Space, our approach has been to first see what our customers want and then create a space to fill that need. It has how we have grown very organically over the past 6 years from a small co-working area, we now have 5 spaces across 2 locations here in the Eastern Suburbs from desk space, meeting space to private consulting room space.

Keep an eye out week to week.  And if it’s booked out, spaces may open up as we do reserve first for meetings and then open up at the beginning of each week.

You can also email us at hello@thelittlespace.com.au for more information.

We hope to see you soon at The Writers Room in Bondi Junction.

Would you like a tour of the space?  Head to our Youtube channel to view all our spaces.  It’s the next best thing to a live tour!

The Little Space spaces – video tours!


The Little Space has a space for everyone.  To help you have a look around, to find the space that suits, we made a little video.

It only takes a moment, so check it out!

Later this year, we will head into our fifth year of The Little Space. That puts us statistically at

The Little Space is keen to support charitable organisations and not for profits.

Most organisations need somewhere to meet, that doesn’t cost too much and is convenient and accessible. And if you want the most out of your meeting, you will also need a lovely environment so your participants are relaxed and comfortable and feel valued. That’s what we are all about at The Little Space.

We have been supporting organisations for some time by offering a discounted rate and we thought it was time to formalise the arrangement. So our Havana space located at 4/54 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction is now available at a 50% discounted rate to all charitable and NFP organisations.

So what is Havana?  Just like our other spaces, Havana can be adapted to meet the needs of your event.  Class room style, collaborative style or just open space to move, rehearse, sing or learn.  With all the infrastructure you need including WiFi, TV, white board and a private environment.  Plus we provide the tea!

So how does it work?

We are always happy to make your booking for you, or meet you to show you the space and answer your queries so don’t hesitate to get in touch (best way is via email on hello@thelittlespace.com.au) but if you like to just get on and get it done then here’s how:-

  1.  Go to our booking page at https://thelittlespace.skedda.com/booking
  2. If you haven’t used our booking system before, register your details.
  3. Click the times you want under the header “Havana” and complete your booking.
  4. Let us know you are NFP or a charity in the notes so we can apply the discount.
  5. We will receive a notification and then will be in touch to confirm your booking in writing and send you an invoice plus give you all the information you need to access and use the space.

And don’t forget we are always on hand to help  you if you ever need – good service is SO important to our business.

We hope to see you soon at The Little Space!


HAVANA @ The Little Space :-

$30 per hour plus GST for NFP or Charitable organisations

Yesterday Liz and I took a day off. It wasn’t a decision we made together or even planned that we would have the same day off but that is just how it worked out to be.

Did our business collapse in a major pile of rubble? Did our homes fall down from the piles of laundry and dirty dishes? Did our children turn into delinquents and drop out of school? No, no & no.

The Little Space didn’t fall apart, our houses did stay a little messy and there were certainly dishes left in the sink but we could deal with them at a later time. Our children were happy at school and PJ was even happier as she had the full attention of Liz, who babysat for me for a couple of hours, and then me, her Mum, who is usually responding to an email, updating a website or stalking Facebook looking for new clients.

It was lovely and much needed for the both of us.

Bookings still came in, new enquiries were made and our lovely clients still turned up to enjoy the space we created for them.

Today showed me how important it is to take time out. I was told last week that the moon was in Mars Retrograde and this alongside a Sagittarius Full Moon was not good, what that means I do not know, but I was told that this was causing havoc with my starsign.  I was advised to ‘look after myself and reflect… take some time out’– now I am not particularly ‘into’ starsigns and how it affects my life but I felt like I was struggling a little and I am all for trying something new, so I did it. I took some ‘time out’.

I cannot tell you how much happier it has made me feel, refreshed and settled, almost instantly. Just one day.

Now, I will always juggle – home, life, work, children, school commitments, children’s extra curricular and anything else that is thrown my way and I believe Liz is the same. But I actually enjoy it, I enjoy juggling and anyone who knows me knows I almost always bite off more than I can chew but I chew like mad and I have quite a large appetite – so I do usually come out ok at the end.

Now, I am certainly not a writer, I actually don’t even enjoy it. I usually let Liz handle that side of things so I don’t even know how to actually finish this post. I am simply typing as I think and I am sure there are many corrections to be made in grammar and punctuation and maybe even spelling but, I think I just wanted to be another person to tell you that taking time for yourself is actually good for you.

I guess I’ll just end it by saying:-

Take time for yourself. It’s important. It’s as simple as that. It worked for me. Try it, it may just work for you too.


As I hit ‘publish’ button on this blog, I’m confident it is now flying through cyberspace at lightning speed as we celebrate our newly upgraded internet service here at The Little Space.

For those of you fortunate enough to live in one of the rare buildings equipped with fibre optics, NBN or are a user of  any network other than the Australian copper network, you will be perplexed to discover that Bondi Junction, a commercial business centre less than 5km from the Central Business District of Sydney is still labouring along with substandard internet service. However, we have emerged victorious (and with a little less in the bank account) but we are now fast and furious with upload speeds to burn. (And have aged a little in the process).

So whilst we have been dealing with the perils of daily business life, our little space has been doing a beautiful job looking after our lovely co-working and desk users.  

We are now in post internet installation re-launch mode here and are keen to let Sydney start ups and those needing workspace either casual or long term know we are alive and well. We have a few free trial weeks to give away for those people looking for desk space or office space in Sydney.  Our space was created specifically to provide a workspace for those living in the Eastern suburbs and who need to be close to schools, home, Bondi beach (!) or simply wishing to avoid the city commute. We are here so come on in and give it a go! 

And don’t forget, terms are as flexible as you need – just a day here and there or a permanent place to park yourself and get on with work.  

We also have our lovely workshop space and meeting room for the days you need to see a client in a slightly more professional environment than the local cafe or a space to host your own event and kick start your own business dream. 

So next time you wish to find a space to work and don’t want to head into Sydney city, come and visit us here at The Little Space and ask about our free trial.  Co-working, meeting space and event space. 

See you soon at The Little Space! 

Top floor, 384 Oxford Street

Bondi Junction