Here at The Little Space, we have a lot going on.  This is not our only gig and there’s some family members lurking at home that seem to insist on being fed and provided with clean clothes each day.  It’s a modern malady….not enough time.  Sure, every second blog post will tell you how to get organised, save time and FEEL IN CONTROL.  Obviously that will never happen until we all actually retire and then over commit all over again.

So if we can’t reach the nirvana of the almost empty inbox, we can at least eliminate the most frustrating tasks in our week whether they are professional or domestic.

Logging in

Go on.  Have a think about it?  How often do you forget your passwords?  Feeling a little exposed on your online security? Password management apps can seem a little terrifying but the human brain is no match for the auto generated nonsense these apps generate, save and sync across all devices.  They will assess your existing password security and forgotten passwords are literally a thing of the past.  Don’t even think about saving time, just think of the drop in your cortisol levels.

Inbox discipline

This is really hard.  Get into the office, put a timer on and smash through your inbox.  When the timer goes you have to stop and get on with your daily tasks.  Do this once a day, twice a day or three times a day and work out the time frame that suits but ignore your inbox in between.  There’s a reason this is hard and there’s a reason that your reaction is “but I’ve got important stuff coming in” and that’s because when you check your inbox, you are getting a little dopamine hit (yep, just like gambling) so that’s biology telling you that.  Ignore it and get on with your list.

Travel time

We are just going to toot our own horn for a minute here.  We set up our space so there would be a co-working and meeting space where a big chunk of people live, send their kids to school and run their own business.  We are about bringing the co-working space to the people so you can WALK here, RIDE YOUR BIKE here or DRIVE AND PARK WITHIN 20 METRES.  So when the school calls to tell your kid has fallen over and needs stitches, you can be packed up and rushing them to hospital within 15 minutes.  You may have an office base outside of home but think seriously about working a day or 2 from home or have some flexibility in your day.   Seriously, imagine saving literally hours each day.


We’re all tired.  It’s costing the economy billions.  We’re crabby and unproductive.  Each night my phone sings a little lullaby and says ‘turn that screen off and go to bed’ then it wakes me up with some pleasant classical tune and I’m out walking the dog as the sun peeps over the horizon.  That’s 8 hours just like that.  There’s nothing like getting up earlier than usual to get you feeling really tired at night.

The Supermarket

It’s perplexing to me that there are still so many people queueing up in the supermarket aisles.  They do this amazing this now where they COME TO YOU! Meal deliveries, raw ingredient deliveries – it’s a wonderland of time saving options.  And if you enjoy your weekend farmers’ market, then just get the boring bulk items online once a month and spend a day at the market with the kids to pick up your fruit and veg.

Enjoy your hours of serendipitous leisure this week!