Running Covid safe meetings

Running Covid safe meetings. How to look after your staff and clients.

Running Covid safe meetings is a genuine challenge but not impossible.

We are all suffering from Zoom fatigue so what are the options for team meetings or clients meetings?

Here at The Little Space in Bondi Junction, we have now registered as a ‘Covid Safe’ business in line with NSW Health regulations.

This means:-

  • a limit on the numbers we can have in the space.  At the moment this is a maximum of 7 people for workshops, meetings and live classes.
  • Our consulting room offering has been shifted from our smaller room to a larger space.  To book consulting room space you can book in the Havana Space and make the notation (consulting room hire in the booking notes so we will then apply the rate of $25 per hour plus GST).
  • We have a private office (4 square metres) available for casual hire.  This is ideal for those who really need some space away from home to work but don’t wish to mix with others. You can find out more here.  Hire is $60 per day plus GST or $45 plus for regular customers.
  • Registration of everyone entering the space.
  • Attendance by appointment only
  • An increased cleaning and disinfecting schedule.
  • Space of 1.5 metres between attendees in the space.

If you are running a meeting at another venue or want to look for alternatives to Zoom meetings, here are some options:-

  • meeting outdoors.  Why not host a ‘walking meeting’.  It will get you outside, you can break a larger group into pairs and then switch partners over the course of the walk to share ideas.
  • Keep meetings small and for shorter periods.  Allow for social distancing with your room set up.  Meeting around a large boardroom table enables social distancing but a feeling of normality.
  • Meet to keep connections and ideas flowing.  You may not have a specific agenda other than to have the team connect in real time and to break up the day a little.
  • Keep it local.  Not everyone will want to travel on public transport or go to venues where they may feel more exposed or vulnerable.  Why not meet in a location that suits the team.  This might mean driving to a location other than the office where parking is easy and the venue accessible.  Meet at a park, a venue like The Little Space or locate a Covid safe business offering room hire near you.
  • And if you really can’t meet in person (as I write this, this applies to all our friends in Melbourne)  there are ways to be creative and add an element of fun to meetings.  Set up a Kahoot, a quizz or get a guest speaker or someone new to add a little bit of interest to the Zoom meeting. Build the meeting and work time around these pops of interest.  Everyone is fatigued and doing it tough but making that little extra effort will make everyone feel better.
  • Pet break anyone?  I love taking a leaf out of the teacher’s book!  The best teachers know how to keep kids engaged even when learning online.  As my daughter walked down the hall during lockdown with a dog under one arm I asked her what she was doing.  “It’s pet break”, she said.  What a great way to break up a double science lesson or a team meeting online.

And finally, do you need that meeting? It’s tough for everyone so make the reason to meet a good one!

Wishing you all the best during challenging time.

All the best from The Little Space.