Yesterday Liz and I took a day off. It wasn’t a decision we made together or even planned that we would have the same day off but that is just how it worked out to be.

Did our business collapse in a major pile of rubble? Did our homes fall down from the piles of laundry and dirty dishes? Did our children turn into delinquents and drop out of school? No, no & no.

The Little Space didn’t fall apart, our houses did stay a little messy and there were certainly dishes left in the sink but we could deal with them at a later time. Our children were happy at school and PJ was even happier as she had the full attention of Liz, who babysat for me for a couple of hours, and then me, her Mum, who is usually responding to an email, updating a website or stalking Facebook looking for new clients.

It was lovely and much needed for the both of us.

Bookings still came in, new enquiries were made and our lovely clients still turned up to enjoy the space we created for them.

Today showed me how important it is to take time out. I was told last week that the moon was in Mars Retrograde and this alongside a Sagittarius Full Moon was not good, what that means I do not know, but I was told that this was causing havoc with my starsign.  I was advised to ‘look after myself and reflect… take some time out’– now I am not particularly ‘into’ starsigns and how it affects my life but I felt like I was struggling a little and I am all for trying something new, so I did it. I took some ‘time out’.

I cannot tell you how much happier it has made me feel, refreshed and settled, almost instantly. Just one day.

Now, I will always juggle – home, life, work, children, school committments, children’s extra curricular and anything else that is thrown my way and I believe Liz is the same. But I actually enjoy it, I enjoy juggling and anyone who knows me knows I almost always bite off more than I can chew but I chew like mad and I have quite a large appetite – so I do usually come out ok at the end.

Now, I am certainly not a writer, I actually don’t even enjoy it. I usually let Liz handle that side of things so I don’t even know how to actually finish this post. I am simply typing as I think and I am sure there are many corrections to be made in grammar and punctuation and maybe even spelling but, I think I just wanted to be another person to tell you that taking time for yourself is actually good for you.

I guess I’ll just end it by saying:-

Take time for yourself. It’s important. It’s as simple as that. It worked for me. Try it, it may just work for you too.