These feet can take you anywhere you need to go

“Oh hi – how are you?!”

“I’m really BUSY. Good but busy.  You?”

“SOOOO busy”.

Yep, we are really busy. And it’s all a bit of an adrenalin rush.  We rush to work, from work, to the coffee shop, to the dry cleaners, in to school, to after school activities, to the dentist, to yoga (the ultimate irony).   In between we text, check emails, forward emails and update Facebook and LinkedIN.   And for a small business owner, it sometimes feels that if we stop the activity rush the wheels will fall off and there will be a catastrophe.  I’m addicted to busy.  A lot of us are addicted to busy.  Then in the last month, a couple of interesting things happened.

Firstly, my car broke down.  I was rushing as usual.  Rushing to school pick up.  I rolled to the curb, got out and thought.  “I’m too busy to deal with this car” and I left it there.  About 5 days later I thought I had better sort out a tow.

But between the date of abandonment and the date of repair – about 2 weeks all up, something interesting happened.  I started walking and riding my bike.  Planning ahead a little about what was realistically achievable in my day.  It’s actually hard to rush a long walk to school or work.  I converted my daily run into a means of transport to an actual destination.   I got a bit less busy, I still got stuff done (actually the important stuff got done), my heart rate went up because of exercise instead of stress.   I made my kids walk home.  They whined a bit but they were laughing and playing the whole way home.

Then one day I had to leave my computer behind at the office.   I thought I would pop back later but then forgot. My business partner was going to bring it home for me but then she held onto it.  That day I did some great stuff.  I caught up on the housework, did some work with a notepad and pen.  I took the dogs for a walk.  I had some time to think.  The world didn’t end after all.

So the car is back now, and the computer too.  But once a week I turn off my computer for a whole day and a night and once a week I run to school at pick up time, and I walk with my 3 beautiful children all the way home.  It takes us an hour but it’s the best day of the week.

And a little shameless plug for the day – if you live in the Eastern Suburbs, you can walk to work at The Little Space and on the way pick up a really terrific coffee.  See you there soon!